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Updated: May 27, 2019

Our first tip:

Every single individual is different and therefore requires specific lighting, styling and set design. Never use the same lighting schemes on everyone. Photography is not "chain production", although it may seem quicker and more convenient to always use your key poses and lighting settings that will not guarantee a good result.

Our second tip:

Having a vision of what your model will look like before you start preparing the photoshoot. It's really important to visualise an idea before you project it on a set.

Our third tip:

Your model will never completely look like the image you had in mind before you started.

Get over it and quickly and think of how you can maximise their physical assets in the best way.

Think of their hair colour, their skin tone, their eye colour, and the shape of their face and body. Think of them as an equation to resolve, having a good eye for styling and colour matching also requires good logical thinking. This particular skill will get better as you gain experience and confidence, so do not worry! :)

Our fourth tip:

It's crucial that you understand the model's personality and requests. Sometimes people may not know what is best for them aesthetically, but their opinion still counts. A good photographer can compromise to accomodate their client's requests.

Something that I often do is: I follow the client's idea to start with, and then ask them if I can show something different that I had in mind. That way they feel respected and also creatively challenged.

Our fifth tip:

Don't forget to be as detailed and specific when directing your model into the poses you planned. Use a simple clear language and mirror the pose so that they can exactly replicate it. This may sound very obvious but you wouldn't guess how many people feel lost and uncomfortable during this process. Smile, make them laugh and put them at ease from the very start.


Thanks for reading :)

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